Out of the Abyss

Silken Paths 1
Nightal 21-24 1485 DR

The party awoke after the revelation that the gnomes Topsy and Turvy were afflicted with lycanthropy.  The party agreed to continue traveling with them, for now.

As the party continued on, they encountered a crevasse that they moved along.  While there, out of a side passage, Darendil the quaggoth startled them.  After a short combat, they were able to rouse him from his frenzy.  He didn't remember anything from the past tenday or so, but carried a pouch.

That night, while the party was resting, they were set upon by a party of human bandits.  The party successfully dealt with the bandits with no losses, and even recovered treasure and arms and armour for their traveling partners.

The next day, the party happened across two goblins, Yuk Yuk and his partner Spiderbait.  These goblins offered their services as guides to the party across what they called The Silken Paths.  The party accepted.

While crossing the chasm, the party picked up another mouth to feed (an unconscious halfling) and was attacked by giant spiders the size of bears.  Oloeak was knocked 100 feet below, but was rescued when the combat was over.

Just before escaping The Silken Paths, the party met the guardian of the paths.  A massive spider, the size of a cabin, dropped in front of them, blocking their escape.  Now they must fight for their lives, on the strands of spiderwebs to continue their journey through the dangerous Underdark to the duergar city of Gracklestugh

Into Darkness
Nightal 15-20, 1485

The party, led by the insane derro Buppido set out into the darkness of the Underdark, seeking the duergar city called Gracklestugh.

On their first full day out of the drow outpost Velkynvelve, the party stumbled upon an ambush of orcs set around a pit of muck.  Fortunately for the party, RJ was able to talk the orcs down, with the promise of Ilvara Mizzrym tailing close behind.

The next day, the party was attacked by a creature that resembled a giant octopus that crawled on land.  The 'rocktopus' was defeated (with only Eldeth getting knocked unconcious), and its body was carved up for dinner.  During dinner, RJ's magic was required.  He used a minor illusion to cover the passageway so the party was able to stay hidden from a small group of drow.

Two days later, after traversing the tight ledges of a large crevasse, the party met a group of kuo-toa traders, who rewarded the party with some extra provisions in response to a song played by RJ.

But disaster struck the party on day five of the voyage when Topsy and Turvy, who had been observed suffering nightmares, turned into wererats!  Del was able to subdue them with charm spells, and they fell unconscious when they turned back into gnomes.

But Oloeak was bitten in the process.  What will become of Oloeak, and what does this mean for Topsy and Turvy's future with the party?

Prisoners of the Drow 3
Nightal 14, 1485

Robert Jenkins, Oloeak Elderkin, Phoenix Longstrider and Del Garadar awoke in their slave pen, alongside Jimjar, Ront, Stool, Topsy, Turvy, Darendil, Buppido, and Eldeth.   They had been recaptured by the drow, and Jorlan Duskryn had been executed.

However, not all hope was lost.  When Ilvara Mizzrym took a number of drow and quaggoths away from Velkynvelve, Bellaluna Roharise returned, this time invisible.  She, with the help of Shuushar the Enlightened the kuo-toa, found a small number of mushrooms that have the ability to turn the ingestor invisible.

She used this ability to sneak around the outpost and collect a number of the party's equipment, most notably weapons and spell focus'.  She tried to engineer their escape as well, but when Oloeak was caught trying to pick the lock with a small knife, chaos reigned.

In the ensuing skirmish, Darendil was left behind, having lost his senses to a rage-like state.  The remainder of the prisoners survived the drow and giant spiders, as well as the 'blob in the water' which was killed by the unconcious dragonborn cannonball.

After listening to the few NPCs that knew the local area, the party decided to make their way through the darkness to the duergar city of Gracklestugh.  According to Buppido, the trip should take just short of 28 days.

As the party escaped into the darkness, they heard [[Ilvara Mizzrym]'s voice.  She seems intent on tracking the party down and taking them back into custody.

How far will Ilvara Mizzrym go to recapture the party?  What will they find along the way to Gracklestugh?  Will the party be admitted to the city, and if so will they be able to find the supplies they need to return to the surface?

Prisoners of the Drow 2
Nightal 11-12, 1485

Using the appearance of several demons as a distraction, Jorlan Duskryn unlocked the prisoners' pen door as agreed.  With freedom in their grasp, the party fought to escape.  Unfortunately without their equipment, the party was unsuccessful.  They were defeated and locked up once again.  Sarith Kzekarit, the drow traitor, was killed in the escape.  Finally, the party members had their found items taken away.

Fortunately, not all was lost.  Bellaluna Roharise escaped, along with the kuo-toa Shuushar the Enlightened.  In addition, some valuable information was won in the form of equipment locations and strengths of the captors.  Now the party lies in wait for their next opportunity.

Prisoners of the Drow
Nightal 1-10, 1485

Our heroes (Oloeak Elderkin, Del Garadar, Robert Jenkins, Phoenix Longstrider, and Bellaluna Roharise) awakened in the drow outpost Velkynvelve deep beneath the Sword Coast.  Stripped of all their possessions, they awaited transport to the drow city of Menzoberranzan to be sold as slaves.

While in captivity, they made friends with some of their fellow prisoners.  RJ befriended the deep gnome Jimjar and the quaggoth Derendil, while Del spent more time with the myconid sprout named Stool.

Eventually, a disfigured drow named Jorlan Duskryn offered a chance to escape; an offer to leave the gate unlocked at an opportune time.  For now, the party bides their time, planning what they will do once they've stolen their freedom so deep within the Underdark.


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