Out of the Abyss

Into Darkness

Nightal 15-20, 1485

The party, led by the insane derro Buppido set out into the darkness of the Underdark, seeking the duergar city called Gracklestugh.

On their first full day out of the drow outpost Velkynvelve, the party stumbled upon an ambush of orcs set around a pit of muck.  Fortunately for the party, RJ was able to talk the orcs down, with the promise of Ilvara Mizzrym tailing close behind.

The next day, the party was attacked by a creature that resembled a giant octopus that crawled on land.  The 'rocktopus' was defeated (with only Eldeth getting knocked unconcious), and its body was carved up for dinner.  During dinner, RJ's magic was required.  He used a minor illusion to cover the passageway so the party was able to stay hidden from a small group of drow.

Two days later, after traversing the tight ledges of a large crevasse, the party met a group of kuo-toa traders, who rewarded the party with some extra provisions in response to a song played by RJ.

But disaster struck the party on day five of the voyage when Topsy and Turvy, who had been observed suffering nightmares, turned into wererats!  Del was able to subdue them with charm spells, and they fell unconscious when they turned back into gnomes.

But Oloeak was bitten in the process.  What will become of Oloeak, and what does this mean for Topsy and Turvy's future with the party?



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