Out of the Abyss

Prisoners of the Drow 3

Nightal 14, 1485

Robert Jenkins, Oloeak Elderkin, Phoenix Longstrider and Del Garadar awoke in their slave pen, alongside Jimjar, Ront, Stool, Topsy, Turvy, Darendil, Buppido, and Eldeth.   They had been recaptured by the drow, and Jorlan Duskryn had been executed.

However, not all hope was lost.  When Ilvara Mizzrym took a number of drow and quaggoths away from Velkynvelve, Bellaluna Roharise returned, this time invisible.  She, with the help of Shuushar the Enlightened the kuo-toa, found a small number of mushrooms that have the ability to turn the ingestor invisible.

She used this ability to sneak around the outpost and collect a number of the party's equipment, most notably weapons and spell focus'.  She tried to engineer their escape as well, but when Oloeak was caught trying to pick the lock with a small knife, chaos reigned.

In the ensuing skirmish, Darendil was left behind, having lost his senses to a rage-like state.  The remainder of the prisoners survived the drow and giant spiders, as well as the 'blob in the water' which was killed by the unconcious dragonborn cannonball.

After listening to the few NPCs that knew the local area, the party decided to make their way through the darkness to the duergar city of Gracklestugh.  According to Buppido, the trip should take just short of 28 days.

As the party escaped into the darkness, they heard [[Ilvara Mizzrym]'s voice.  She seems intent on tracking the party down and taking them back into custody.

How far will Ilvara Mizzrym go to recapture the party?  What will they find along the way to Gracklestugh?  Will the party be admitted to the city, and if so will they be able to find the supplies they need to return to the surface?



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