Out of the Abyss

Silken Paths 1

Nightal 21-24 1485 DR

The party awoke after the revelation that the gnomes Topsy and Turvy were afflicted with lycanthropy.  The party agreed to continue traveling with them, for now.

As the party continued on, they encountered a crevasse that they moved along.  While there, out of a side passage, Darendil the quaggoth startled them.  After a short combat, they were able to rouse him from his frenzy.  He didn't remember anything from the past tenday or so, but carried a pouch.

That night, while the party was resting, they were set upon by a party of human bandits.  The party successfully dealt with the bandits with no losses, and even recovered treasure and arms and armour for their traveling partners.

The next day, the party happened across two goblins, Yuk Yuk and his partner Spiderbait.  These goblins offered their services as guides to the party across what they called The Silken Paths.  The party accepted.

While crossing the chasm, the party picked up another mouth to feed (an unconscious halfling) and was attacked by giant spiders the size of bears.  Oloeak was knocked 100 feet below, but was rescued when the combat was over.

Just before escaping The Silken Paths, the party met the guardian of the paths.  A massive spider, the size of a cabin, dropped in front of them, blocking their escape.  Now they must fight for their lives, on the strands of spiderwebs to continue their journey through the dangerous Underdark to the duergar city of Gracklestugh



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